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Why choose us?

- Pallet recycle strive to help you purchase recycle and repaired wood pallets. We recycle and repair the wood pallets thoroughly to increase its life. We provide repeatable quality and you can trust us for buying recycled pallets.

- With the help of our systematic Quality assurance process, the wood pallets are checked to provide dimension accuracy, checks for stamping and nailing and if is removed it fixes it properly. We buy/sell A grade Euro Pallets in usable condition.

- We offer on-demand wood pallet treatment services that includes three treatments - chemical, fumigation and heat treatment.

  • Chemical treatment
  • Fumigation treatment
  • Heat treatment (in minimum cost)

We treat the wood pallets through three different treatments chemical treatment, fumigation treatment and heat treatment at a minimal cost.

Heat treatment (HT) & methyl bromide (MB) fumigation are the 2 primary acclaimed phytosanitary measures in ISPM 15. Our heat treatment process involves the process of wood packaging being exposed to heat in a specific time-temperature schedule which attains a minimum temperature of 56 C for around 30 minutes of continuously all through the wood profile

In order to obtain heat treatment parameters we use various energy sources like woody biomass, natural gas, electricity etc and processes like radio frequency, microware or kiln drying.

During the quality and assurance process we inspect the quality of each pallet and check its construction at this stage.

Pallets come with some attributes and our Q&A team rejects them straight away if they find any defects. It can include


Shiners are basically nails that have been moved through one board connected to the nail part pointing up or out.

It normally occurs when the pneumatic nail is utilized and the operator fails to calculate where exactly the nail should be positioned. The nail doesn't pass through the stringer and remains exposed.


Stubble is exposed pieces of the nail/fastening device. One thing that we need take care of is that pallets never remain with raised heads/ broken off fasteners which can be seen or felt.

We take care of this important factor and ensure that there is no Stubble or Shiners on any pallet as they can result in damage to the products and can cause personal injury too. We make sure that nails do not miss their mark so we fastened them correctly as we do not compromise on the stability of any pallet.

We have a dedicated Quality assurance team that adopts the best practices to aid customer satisfaction on a priority basis. Hence we offer

  • Quality pallets that last longer
  • Quality pallets are 100% safe
  • They are reliable and can be transported easily as well as store the goods.

We consider safety as the most important factor as a manufacturer. We understand the importance of sturdy wood pallets and thus provide pallets that can withstand heavy weights, product damage or injury.

We offer these treatments on your demand to meet your requirements and we provide heat treatment at a minimal cost.

After the wood pallet undergoes the treatment it is actually stamped with the help of a globally acknowledged image which enables efficient shipment of goods.

Pallet recycle is certified to carry out heat treatment process to meet the International Standards of Physio sanitary measures no.15

The stringers or other parts can be easily heated treated before construction or post-construction as well. In major cases, the parts are systematically heat-treated rather than treating the entire product which can be a complicated process.

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